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(all profits will go to the Division of Nephrology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center)


Project ARK is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fundraising for the Division of Nephrology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Through fundraising, Project ARK's members seek to extend the research studies of Dr. Adler, Chief of the Division of Nephrology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, as well as to provide opportunities for high school and college students to participate in summer research in this division.

In addition, Project ARK promotes creativity, as it encourages its members to achieve a goal through multiple means and to "think outside the box." For example, members are currently trying to fundraise by selling their own application game on the Apple App Store; the profits made from the sales will go directly to the Division of Nephrology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Of course, Project ARK places strong emphasis on community service. Through community service, Project ARK hopes to raise awareness of kidney disease* and its treatments, thereby enabling people to understand the need to promote the research studies.

*a symptom in which patients, especially diabetic patients, struggle to filter the waste in their blood properly.


Not only does Project ARK give opportunities for students to grow as individuals through fundraising and volunteering, but also, this organization gives opportunities for all people to make monetary contributions to our goal of prolonging and comforting the lives of people with kidney disease. So join Project ARK to fight kidney disease!


Project ARK is fundraising for a branch of LA BioMed, a very reputable research institute. For more information on our connection with LA BioMed, click here.

Contact us at fightkidneydisease@project-ark.org

Derek Pham

President and Founder

As a founder and president of Project ARK, Derek Pham has a strong passion for biomedical research in kidney disease. As a pupil under Dr. Adler at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Pham understands the importance of improving the lives of patients with kidney disease.

William Lee

President and Co-founder
P// (714)512-0352

A Renaissance man, William Lee has clearly vindicated his partnership in the foundation of Project ARK. From biology to computer science, Lee has commanded a strong presence of leadership through his various areas of expertise.

Allen Chiu

Senior Creative Director
P// (949)278-9735

Allen Chiu is a maestro of graphic designs. As the graphics designer for our organization, Chiu has extensive knowledge and experience in the arts. In fact, while in high school, Chiu had already taken a variety of art classes at prestigious fine arts colleges, such as the Rhode Island School of Design and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Cassandra Burns

P// (949)331-6378

Cassandra Burns is the leader of Project ARK at El Toro High School in Lake Forest, California. Burns is a valuable asset to our organization through her vast amount of general knowledge accumulated through years of reading and research.

Jessica Phung

P// (714)468-7843

Jessica Phung is the leader of Project ARK at Yorba Linda High School. Phung's strong will and demanding voice makes her an influential activist and a valuable member to our organization.

For general information, contact us at fightkidneydisease@project-ark.org

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How to Help

To donate, please use one of the links below, or mail a check to "LA BioMed Division of Nephrology" to the following address:

PO Box 53964 Irvine, CA 92619

           Google Checkout                      PayPal

As a legitimate nonprofit organization, LA BioMed does provide the opportunity for you to receive a tax cut for your generous donations.

Tax Code: 95-2138184

Thank you for your generosity!

For more information, contact us at fightkidneydisease@project-ark.org